About Africa Economic Analysis

Africa Economic Analysis is an independent charity whose purpose is to contribute to the advancement of public discussion and understanding of prevailing economic conditions in Africa. AEA aims to do this by providing a forum for debate and analysis of the underlying causes of underdevelopment Africa and policies to achieve modernisation.

We welcome contributions on political, social and economic issues affecting development in Africa. Articles may deal with any aspect of political economy with respect to Africa as a whole or individual nations within the continent.

Africa Economic Analysis was set up in 1998 by some concerned Africans wanting to use the internet as a vehicle for people committed to African development seeking to share and explore ideas on social-economic development.

Some people may say that what Africa needs right now is action and not words or ideas. This sentiment is understandable. However, Africa's current distress is caused as much by a poverty of ideas and vision as by poverty of the physical conditions for development. A pre-requisite for evolving effective economic and political policies to underpin momentum for change in Africa is a critical analysis of African societies in the context of a fast changing globalised world.

If you have ideas to contribute to this debate please send them to The Editor, AEA at aea@afbis.com

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